Let it be

It’s crazy how many people cut themselves for remarks. It’s crazy how many people creates an eating disorder for attention. 

I went on the internet searching for pictures of self harm, suicide and anorexia since I need to express my feelings, otherwise I’ll do it to myself. Well about 98% of the pictures were from fakes, some were pro-ana, others were ”self harm pictures” with only one or two small cuts… 
I hate the fact that these people get the attention they want and the help others should have. I can not count on my hands how many times I’ve met someone who had serious issues (suicidal, eating disorders…) but couldn’t get proper help since the programs are all full… of fakes… And it makes me mad and kind of drives me crazy. 
Can’t I go back to the time where everything was easy and fakes were not everywhere? 
And please, stop making the people who actually has a disorder look bad… 

And just in case, I’m leaving this here… 

Tel-Jeunes (french and english)

Kids Help Phone (english)


Mental Health Crisis Line (Ottawa & Canada) 

Suicide Hotline (USA)